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Private blood tests

Do you need blood tests privately?

You do not have time to perform blood tests routinely at the checkout?

You have come to the right place. With us, all blood and urine tests can be performed privately. Performs over 900 types of tests.

Taking all types of blood tests, B. urine, B. culture, by a brother / sister at the client's home.

Service at home, in its natural environment, at times convenient to it and without being dependent on the flexibility and availability of the medical system.
The operation is performed by a skilled nurse with a minimum of pain thanks to a successful method we have developed. Easy, simple and calm.

Availability - Speed ​​- Reliability
No need to bother, we will reach you at home to perform the blood tests you need.
Tests can be performed with or without a doctor's referral.
The test results will be sent directly to your personal email.
All you have to do is call and make an appointment for a brother or sister to come to you for a blood test.
The tests are private tests regardless of the disability of the patients to whom you belong.

Improve your health

According to the results of laboratory tests, you will get a complete picture of your health condition


Receiving test results

In complete discretion and maintaining complete confidentiality


Blood sampling by a nurse in your home

Home visit by a team of certified brothers and sisters only



Determining the date of the test

A convenient date has been set for you to choose without waiting times

Contact us or leave details

Phone, Internet, Whatsapp or Telegram, social networks


בדיקות דם פרטיות

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