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Blood test to detect pregnancy

Need a blood test to detect pregnancy in private?

This is the address! We perform a blood test for pregnancy
No sticks and no sticks


Medical-Service provides a private laboratory service for pregnancy detection tests and general tests during pregnancy.

No need to bother, we will come to you up to the house or vice versa. An experienced nurse will sample a blood test at a time that suits you, painlessly, simple and quick and easy service.

We are here for you, for you to enjoy peace of mind by performing a reliable and accurate test.

A little about the test:

A blood test for pregnancy detects the presence of the pregnancy hormone B-Hcg. The presence of this hormone in the blood indicates pregnancy.

Upon receiving the blood test results there may be a positive / negative result (which is a quality test) or a result that indicates the protein concentration in the blood (which is a quantitative test) level above 10 mIU / ml indicates pregnancy. The higher the hormone levels, the higher the gestational age, due to the fact that the hormone tends to double every 72 hours.
The test is a simple blood test, the test should be done about ten days from the date of the delay.


Improve your health

According to the results of laboratory tests, you will get a complete picture of your health condition


Receiving test results

In complete discretion and maintaining complete confidentiality

Blood sampling by a nurse in your home

Home visit by a team of certified brothers and sisters only



Determining the date of the test

A convenient date has been set for you to choose without waiting times


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