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Need blood tests at home, private guarding, wound care?
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Medical Service Company - This is a company in which brothers and sisters, certified and such with an intensive care course are partners. In light of the difficult situation of a shortage of nurses in the labor market and with the aging of the population and an increase in life expectancy, there seems to be a demand for nurses in the economy in general and in particular in particular.

A situation arose where the families felt helpless with their family members who needed the nursing care of a professional nurse who did not have their help. Sometimes simple nursing operations could save family members and patients evacuation to the emergency room and long hours of waiting and unnecessary suffering.

In light of the situation, we decided a number of brothers and sisters to band together and give the service of a nurse privately at home. The company provides nursing services from wound care, infusions, pick line, catheter insertion / removal, enema and other nursing activities. The company has a team of specialists in the treatment of wounds and difficulties in healing patients with diabetes and vascular disease and more. In addition, they provide a service of private guarding at the patient's bedside after surgery or hospitalization or for the purpose of supervision, up to a private service of blood tests, urine, and cultures up to the client's home.
The company has a skilled team of professional employees for supervision at the hospital's bedside.

Personal and dedicated supervision, and the possibility of continuing service at home.
The service is provided privately and some of it has reimbursements from the health funds, such as private protection.

We have a team of intensive care experts who work in the field on a regular basis and use these tools in the field.
The ultimate goal is courteous, available and professional service that saves family members and patients a lot of unnecessary time and suffering.

* As part of our services we provide service to important personalities, famous people, celebs and more.
In complete anonymity and secrecy.

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