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Acai Bowl

Exclusive sale

Exclusive sale

Coupon name: Checking the level of vitamins in the body

Perform a test of 15 vitamins in the body
You will receive a free vitamin C test (exclusive in Israel)!
16 vitamins with a total cost of 2300 NIS
(Instead of 2550 NIS)
To receive this coupon, enter full details and you will receive a confirmation email with details to redeem the coupon.

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Vitamins and their role

The functions of the vitamins are to assist in metabolic and systemic activity, growth, energy production from food, processing of the nutrients, participation in the building of blood cells and hormones, the role of vitamins is in providing assistance to various body systems to deal with a wide range of

Physiological actions that take place in our body at any given moment. Among other functions of vitamins

The various: food processing in the body and energy production, assistance in metabolic activity, taking part in building

Blood cells and hormones, aiding in digestive functions, aiding the body's immune system in dealing with various diseases, creating chemicals that affect the nervous system in our body,, reducing

The risk of diseases such as heart disease and cancer and other roles that directly affect

And a detour to our health.

Medical Service performs an extended blood test for a variety of vitamins that our bodies need, including minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and more.

You can view the full list.

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You can reach the house, the extended Gush Dan area, for an additional fee


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