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Urine drug test

Need a private urine test for drugs?

This is the address! We perform a urine test for drugs.
Performs 5 common types.


A urine test for drugs measures the presence of urine for drugs and illicit drugs and prescription drugs.

When the body absorbs the drugs, it breaks them down into chemical compounds, which dissolve in water and are excreted in the urine or feces. The substance is able to survive in the blood for several hours, in the urine for several weeks, and in the hair even months after use.

If you need to perform a urine test for drugs on an adolescent, son or daughter, for a test by the authorities or in the workplace, we perform this test privately with complete confidentiality.

All you have to do is coordinate in front of us and we will take a urine test from you in the presence of a professional staff member. This is a quick and painless test.

The urine is taken to a certified laboratory and the answers should arrive within 24 hours of taking it. The answers can be sent to you by fax and email.

The test is performed in a licensed laboratory with experience and professionalism in deciphering the test results and has quality control. The findings of the inspection are kept confidential and are not passed on to law enforcement agencies.

Duration of drug residue in urine:

Marijuana and cannabis cannabis - 3-30 days depending on whether the user is light or heavy.

Opiates (heroin, morphine, codeine) - 2-3 days

Methadone - 3-5 days

Amphitamines - 2 days

Cocaine 2-3 days

Benzodiazepines - 2-10 days depending on the type of drug.

There are others that survive - about 5 days.


We perform a urine test for 5 drugs listed above, a single test or more can be performed.

There is a possibility that you will come to us or we will come to your house.

The result to be provided does not constitute a legal reference.


Improve your health

According to the results of laboratory tests, you will get a complete picture of your health condition


Receiving test results

In complete discretion and maintaining complete confidentiality

Blood sampling by a nurse in your home

Home visit by a team of certified brothers and sisters only



Determining the date of the test

A convenient date has been set for you to choose without waiting times


Contact us or leave details

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