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  • who are you?
    Medical Service Group Nursing, medical and private laboratory service group with an emphasis on providing service at the client's home:MEDICAL-SERVICE.CO.ILA company that provides a variety of services at the client's home that includes a visit to a doctor, nurse, and private laboratory services.HUMAN-TEST.CO.ILA branch of a company that provides advanced laboratory testing services.PRIVATE-NURSE.CO.ILPrivate nurse service that includes, injections, bandages, infusions, catheters, ECGs and private supervision and care in the hospital and at home,Provides, nursing and welfare services and private services of a nurse at a particularly high level of service.A combination of a variety of services of the Medical Service Group gives a complete solution to the needs of customers who receive medical services in their home.
  • Do you have approvals from the Ministry of Health and what are the quality standards?
    Medical Service works in partnership with leading laboratories in Israel and around the world with an international standard CLIA (on behalf of the FDA standard issued by the US Department of Health) and an international ISO standard and is committed to strict quality standards.Laboratory in Israel: The Central Laboratory is accredited by the National Laboratory Accreditation Authority in accordance with ISO 15189, an internationally accepted standard for medical laboratories that deal with tests for humans. It should be noted that some of the tests are sent to external laboratories.
  • Who comes for a home visit?
    The professional staff at your disposal have been carefully selected after a screening and acceptance process for privacy.The team is divided into certified doctors and nurses, with many years of expertise in various fields such as: internal diseases, cardiology, children, intensive care, etc.
  • How much do lab tests cost?
    The cost of laboratory tests varies from the requirement to specify a different list of laboratory tests. Our company offers a free "up to the customer's home" service in some areas in the center of the country.Commit to a cheaper price for every quote you receive from another place together if this customer service department is always attentive to our customers' requests.
  • Is there a refund from the insurance?
    Yes, private health insurance policies cover "outpatient services" or "diagnostic tests". It is possible to perform laboratory tests as part of diagnostic tests and you can receive a refund of up to 80%, depending on the terms of your policy.Insurance coverage can include: physician advice, diagnostic and pregnancy tests (ambulatory) and a wide range of non-hospital medical services.Please note that the information presented above is for summary information only. The full details regarding the plan, including the various extensions, are detailed in the terms of the individual policies and are the binding ones.
  • Why is it good to order a private nurse service to the house?
    It is important for you to take care of your family above all else. When you have a relative who needs medical help, you help him as much as possible.In the hospitals in the country you stay for long hours, among the sick and contagious people.So in the hospital the health condition of your loved ones is at greater risk than at home. 5-10% (according to statistics) of hospitalized patients acquire one or more infections during an emergency or inpatient visit.There are quite a few medical procedures that do not require arrival at a hospital, we provide an effective alternative in immediate availability in most cases.
  • What does a private nurse service include?
    Private nurse service including a variety of services:Blood samplingPerforming injectionsProviding an infusionProviding fluids and vitamins at home and more.For any services or additional questions please contact customer service 24/71-700-508-588
  • What tests do you offer? What are "special" lab tests? "
    The full list of tests can be found in the complete list of tests.The world of science and medicine is advancing at a very fast pace, there are constantly new, more efficient and accurate tests than previous tests. Some of the tests are performed in laboratories in Israel and some in laboratories abroad. We bring you technological advancement and global knowledge to your home!The required test can be found in the Test Tests list.
  • How do you get lab results?
    In a way that is convenient for you: by email, WhatsApp, Messenger, fax, registered mail or you can come to our clinic physically and collect test results.Results can be sent directly to the attending physician after obtaining your consent and receiving the details of the attending physician.
  • Do you do tests for children?
    Yes, we specialize in taking blood tests for children over one year of age. This service is also available at the customer's home!
  • Do you perform tests on the elderly with severe veins?
    Yes, we specialize in performing blood tests in the elderly or people with severe veins with great success.This service is also available at the customer's home!
  • Where is the Central Clinic?
    Our main clinic is located at 25 Kugel Blvd., Holon.You can get an explanation of arrival at the customer service department1-700-508-588
  • Any more questions?
    Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions! Our customer service: Secretariat, Achium staff and nurses are always ready to give guidance and guidance on any issue! 1-700-508-588 or WhatsApp 972-50-657-1877 + or in urgent cases 050-657-1877 (24/7 duty)
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