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ECG at home

Need an ECG chart?
There is no need to go to the health insurance fund or hospital,
We will reach you all the way home!


ECG Chart MEDICAL SERVICE provides an ECG chart execution service at the customer's home.
Anyone who needs an ECG chart for routine surgery, at the request of an insurance company, at the request of a attending physician, for work, court and more can get the service from us.
We will reach you up to the house and make an ECG chart and give you a paper tape of your chart. You can also reach us to make the chart. We will be happy to give you a suggestion on the subject.


What is an ECG chart?
An ECG chart is a recording output of electrical activity of the heart, as it is performed by an ECG device. . The electrical voltage generated by the heart's operating and electrical conduction system is measured across the skin at various points using electrodes, and is recorded on paper tape, or on a computer monitor, over time. The electrical activity test of the heart is a common non-invasive test in hospitals and clinics. The results of the chart can provide information about the physiological state of the heart, at rest or on exertion as well as hint at heart-related pathologies, such as myocardial infarction and arrhythmias.


** We do not perform an ECG chart for patients with chest pain. In cases of chest pain or signs of angina, consult a qualified medical professional for treatment.


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