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Private doctor Specialist in urology - This is a doctor who treats problems in the urinary and reproductive systems of men and women. The human urological system contains the many organs:

· Bladder
· The adrenal gland
Urethral tube
· And the male reproductive organs
Including the penis
The testicles
· The prostate
· And sperm ducts.

Along with that there is also a field of andrology that deals with the male reproductive system or uro-gynecology that specializes in women's urological problems, pediatric urology that deals with pediatric urological diseases.

There is also a field of cancer - oncological urology that treats malignant diseases
Specialist doctors and urologists also treat STDs. Proper diagnosis by a physician and laboratory tests (in an advanced private medical laboratory), detection and adjustment of spot treatment helps to fully recover from the disease in short periods of time under close physician supervision.

Dr. Eli Tabadi - Deputy Director of the Department of Urology at the Edith Wolfson Medical Center, Senior Physician, Specialist in Urological Surgery, Endourology and Stone Crushing, Prostate and Urinary Tract Diseases and Surgery, STDs

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Private health insurance holders have the option of receiving a refund for private physician advice or diagnostic or ambulatory tests depending on the coverage of the insurance policy.

Members of each HMO - supplementary insurance holders - have the option of receiving a refund for the advice of a specialist private physician in accordance with the HMO policy coverage.


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