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Diabetes doctor

A private doctor who specializes in the disease gives diabetes treatment deals with the diagnosis and treatment of endocrine diseases associated with high levels of sugar in the human body in both adults and adolescents.

A private diabetes specialist treats patients who come from all the HMOs in the community, and provides them with advice, guidance and treatment by a multi-professional team.

At your disposal is diagnosis and treatment by very advanced equipment:
Possibility of testing for glycated hemoglobin (HA1C) from capillary blood (within 6 minutes) and albumin / creatinine ratio in urine in a special stick Test
Option to test continuous sugar level - monitoring - to test glucose over time - sensor (CGMS)

This is how treatment can be tailored to balance a customized sugar level.
A private doctor who specializes in the disease provides services provided in the unit in combination with doctors from other professions:

· For the treatment of diabetic foot - by experts in the field
· Give preventive treatment by a podiatrist
· Give preventive treatment by an orthopedist
· Nephrologists
Vascular surgeons
· Plastic surgeons
· And more
· Get detailed guidance from a diabetes nurse on how to maintain feet and prevent wounds.

Other areas treated by a private doctor who specializes in diabetes:
Gestational diabetes (joint treatment of a gynecologist and a diabetic doctor in pregnant women)
· Diabetes clinic for adolescents (intended for people with diabetes from the age of 18 to the age of 40)
· Counseling and guidance for adults with significant obesity
· Support for people who have undergone gastric bypass surgery (bariatric surgery)
Hypnosis (it is possible to undergo treatment of the disease with the help of hypnosis by a psychologist)

Prof. Julio Weinstein - President of the Israeli Diabetes Association, senior physician, specialist in internal medicine. Prof. Weinstein has many years of experience as a researcher in dozens of international studies on topics related to diabetes in adults and adolescents, and clinical research in Israel since 2000.

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Private health insurance holders have the option of receiving a refund for private physician advice or diagnostic or ambulatory tests depending on the coverage of the insurance policy.

Members of each HMO - supplementary insurance holders - have the option of receiving a refund for the advice of a specialist private physician in accordance with the HMO policy coverage.


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