Private physician - a specialist in geriatric medicine treats the elderly population in hospitals as well as at home. Doctors A private doctor - a specialist in geriatric medicine treats people with acute illness or chronic illness in older age.

Private physician - a specialist in geriatric medicine diagnoses the health problems of the elderly, find appropriate treatment and involve a multi-professional team as needed.

Private physician - a specialist in geriatric medicine works in collaboration with the rehabilitation departments, the nursing departments, the health funds and the Ministry of Health.

Geriatric specialists can refer and hospitalize patients to different rehabilitation wards for different periods of time depending on the current condition of the elderly.
for example:

· Following problems like a stroke
Fracture of the femur neck
Amputation of limbs
· After acute illnesses
· Neurological diseases
Diseases of the bones and muscles
Joint problems
Autoimmune diseases
Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in old age
· Infectious diseases
Respiratory diseases
Hearing and vision impairments
Cardiovascular disease
· Endocrinological problems (diabetes - a very common problem!)
Hematological diseases
Cognitive disorders (Alzheimer's and dementia)
· Psychiatric illnesses
· and so'

Private physician - a specialist in geriatric medicine gives a complete solution to the population of the elderly suffering from more than one disease. The care of the elderly requires a combination of multidisciplinary knowledge adapted to the elderly age of the elderly.

Combined with a nursing staff (brothers and sisters, specialists in the field of geriatrics), physiotherapists, dietitians and social workers, etc.) gave a response to your loved one in the best way.

Prof. Doron Garfinkel - expert in three fields: specialist in internal medicine, specialist in geriatrics, specialist in palliative medicine, and geriatric / psycho-geriatric consultant for elderly patients

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Private health insurance holders have the option of receiving a refund for private physician advice or diagnostic or ambulatory tests depending on the coverage of the insurance policy.

Members of each HMO - supplementary insurance holders - have the option of receiving a refund for the advice of a specialist private physician in accordance with the HMO policy coverage.


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