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Internal Medicine

Private doctor -
An internal medicine specialist treats the diagnosis and treatment of general ailments by providing customized medication or other medical action. In some cases surgical operations (surgery) are necessary. So an internal physician refers the patient to other medical professions according to the patient's needs:

Cardiology (heart)
Endocrinology (glands and hormones)
Rheumatology (Chapters)
Hematology (blood)
· Infectious diseases
Gastroenterology (gastrointestinal tract)
· allergy
Nephrology (Kidney and Blood Pressure)
Oncology (malignant diseases such as cancer)
Geriatrics (Elderly)
· and so'

Private Physician - Internal Medicine Specialist treats patients who have a variety of medical problems (not a single problem!)
Private doctor - an expert in internal medicine notices the connection between the various problems in a patient and will build a customized treatment software.

Dr. Doron Menachem - Head of the Internal Medicine Department at Edith Wolfson Medical Center, Senior Physician, Specialist in Internal Medicine and Cardiology with a specialization in heart failure.

Call for an appointment or for any inquiries.


Private health insurance holders have the option of receiving a refund for private physician advice or diagnostic or ambulatory tests depending on the coverage of the insurance policy.

Members of each HMO - supplementary insurance holders - have the option of receiving a refund for the advice of a specialist private physician in accordance with the HMO policy coverage.


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