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family doctor

A private doctor who specializes in family or internal diseases gives preventive care to patients and gives advice on improving the health condition. In some cases the private doctor can treat for example an undiagnosed or unknown patient. The personal and professional approach does give me an effective answer for early detection or negation of any heart problem.

If necessary, a private family doctor can refer the patient to a specialist in another field to give a more accurate and specific answer to the problem that has been discovered.

What cases can a private doctor help?

In any suspicion of illness, pain, discomfort, feeling of fatigue, difficulty breathing, etc. - a doctor should be consulted as soon as possible for an examination.

Treatment of a known, chronic disease
· Changing health habits and proper nutrition
· Giving vaccines or a blood test to test the body's immune system
· Treatment of chronic wounds such as diabetic foot

The family doctor will perform a medical examination, auxiliary tests and laboratory tests to diagnose the problem ... a chronic disease that requires precise follow-up and a special approach to improving the patient's condition.

Dr. Doron Menachem - Head of the Internal Medicine Department at Edith Wolfson Medical Center, Senior Physician, Specialist in Internal Medicine and Cardiology with a specialization in heart failure.

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Private health insurance holders have the option of receiving a refund for private physician advice or diagnostic or ambulatory tests depending on the coverage of the insurance policy.

Members of each HMO - supplementary insurance holders - have the option of receiving a refund for the advice of a specialist private physician in accordance with the HMO policy coverage.


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