Fixing to PICC LINE

Need PICC LINE fixation?

We perform fixation to the Pick Line catheter.
Fixation for sterile catheters safely stabilize a variety of catheters in different sizes and shapes.
The fixation contains a sticker in the shape of a shaped butterfly that adapts itself to the catheter structure and thus fixes the piping better. The hook loop system is easy to position and adjust as needed.

Medical Service has a professional team of nurses who specialize in fixation for sterile catheters that safely stabilize a variety of catheters in different sizes and shapes, such as PICC LINE or a central CV vein.

Individual stickers or quantities can be purchased through us.
Delivery can be made to you - extra cost.
You can get an infection service at home and fixation by a qualified nurse who will do this in a sterile manner while assessing and estimating the entrance opening of the center. For details, call.


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