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Intravenous feeding TPN

Intravenous nutrition (Total Parenteral Nutrition, TPN) comes to replace the digestive system when the gut is not functioning. TPN is an intravenous feeding designed to meet the nutritional needs of patients suffering from a gastrointestinal problem that prevents oral feeding adequately. Intravenous feeding is mostly common in short-term hospitals, but it may also be used for longer-term feeding and at home, especially in young patients with gastrointestinal diseases who need proper nutrition to prevent growth impairment.

This food contains a risk of metabolic complications and infections and should therefore only be used when there are contraindications to oral feeding. The solution attached to the patient is a custom solution with a unique composition according to the patient's needs, comes with the patient's name on the label.

These solutions will be prepared after approval by a specialist doctor for the administration of TPN. Preparation of a set for administration of TPN solution will be performed in a sterile technique and the connection to the patient will be performed in a sterile technique. The solution will be connected and disconnected in the same way as through a central vein and through a peripheral vein. Intravenous feeding of an inpatient patient requires follow-up and professional care. The treating staff must have experience in this field.

It is recommended to monitor the patient's blood tests if given once a week. Due to the development of technology and therapeutic approaches there is not enough manpower available to perform these professional operations in the patient’s home. As a result, the medical burden is on the family and they have to carry out complex Saudi operations instead of professional staff.

It is not possible to stay in a hospital for long, the HMOs disclaim responsibility and do not send nurses to do so, so the family should deal with the medical condition of their relative. MEDICAL - SERVICE has an experienced and skilled team of nurses who can facilitate the patient and his family when it comes to connecting and disconnecting the feeding bag. MEDICAL - SERVICE has a team with years of experience in the field. We arrive at the customer's home and perform everything necessary - sterile connection / disconnection, replacement of one-way corks and replacement of the dressing at the center of the center in a sterile manner.


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