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Infusion - a fluid infusion at home

Need a fluid infusion? Need an infusion?
No need to go to the hospital!
Medical Service will come to your home.

How is it done?
A professional team of Medical Service will come to your home, a qualified and skilled nurse will sterilize a plastic tube (Wenflon) in a sterile manner, connect the bag of fluids or the necessary medicine and start the infusion of the fluids. The bag should be hung high so that the liquids penetrate the body by gravity.

Subcutaneous fluid infusion can be performed, a technique that lasts about 10-14 hours in which the infusion is injected into the thigh area by a subcutaneous needle in a very slow infusion. The fluids are absorbed into the body slowly.

The infusion rate can be adjusted. Subcutaneous administration is suitable as an alternative for patients in whom there is a severe problem finding a venous fluid and / or who cannot receive intravenous and / or oral and / or parenteral fluid. It can also be given as a supportive (palliative) treatment.

The effectiveness of subcutaneous infusion treatment is equivalent to intravenous infusion treatment and is a safe and recommended option for home treatment.
It is advisable to consult a doctor about what fluids he wants. It is necessary to refer a clear doctor for the necessary treatment.


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