Urine test

Urine tests are the most common tests in medical diagnosis. Urine allows assessingrenal function, allowing identifying elements in the urine, indicating the inflammation and disease. The urine test also gives valuable information on disease processes in the body - those that do not relate at all to the kidneys, such as breakdown products of hemoglobin (the oxygen carrier molecule blood cells) e.g. hepatitis disease.The incidence of urinary tract infections in women and bedridden 80% of the infections are caused by bacteria E-coli.The laboratory activities are performed general urine tests, and urine culture for diagnosis of urinary tract infection by bacteria and parasites.Urine sample is taken as usual, and sent to the laboratory for diagnosis and tumor specific pollutants special lab dishes.Urine test can be performed quickly by Stick (urine stick) to detect signs of infection immediately, Infection or urinary tract hemorrhage.

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