CBC (cell blood count)


Blood cells are divided into 3 groups: red blood cells responsible to carry oxygen from the lungs to the tissue,White blood cells are part of the immune system fights pests that penetrate our bodies (police of the body)And platelets, which have an important role in the coagulation system.Blood count is a routine blood test that checks the amount and characteristics of three types of groups.

Related diseases:Anemia , Polycythemia (excess blood), Leukocytosis (increase white blood cells), leukopenia (white blood cells deficiency), Thrombocytopenia (platelet deficiency), Thrombocytosis (platelets excess ).


When we do the test?

  • Blood count test is considered part of routine checks.

  •  assessing conditions of anemia or excess blood (polycythemia). In fact this is not a deficiency or excess of blood itself but deficient or excess of red blood cells and their main component - hemoglobin.

  • Any suspected inflammation or infection, then it seems to increase in the number of white blood cells

  • Together with other tests for evaluating the coagulation system function to check if there is no platelets (thrombocytopenia) or excess platelets (thrombocytosis).

  • Estimation of immune deficiency conditions, which can be caused by a decrease in the number of white blood cells or their particular type.

  • Estimation of the circulatory system crabs as leukemia or lymphoma

  • Before surgery as a test routine.


How to prepare for the exam?

There is no special preparation.

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