Blood test in Israel

Do you need private blood tests, urine lab at home? This is the address!!!


Phlebotomy and sampling of blood and urine for various analyses, by a professional registered nurse at client’s home.

Service at home. Conveniently in an environment that you are used to. Done at the prearranged time, with no need to be dependent on the availability and flexibility of the regular medical services.

  1. Private Service tailored for customers who cannot or those who are not interested to get to the clinic. Suits the elderly and shut-in clients, Medical tourism, Temporary residents, busy people, people who need blood samples for research , those who value their convenience and more

  2. Confidentiality and Anonymity guaranteed.

  3. Our analyzes can be done without preordering and there is no need in physician’s referral.

  4. The answers are provided via customer’s preferred way, including email and fax.

All you need to do is to make a call. We will arrange you a qualified nurse that will arrive to your home or workplace to make the blood sampling for the test you want.

Save yourself the hassle of private lab searching, or spending your day at the physician’s waiting room. Our high level of availability is due to our own laboratory. At Israel Medical Service we provide lab analyzes that may be required for making a right diagnosis and guiding life-saving therapies, especially in cases where serious medical conditions are involved.

Usually there is no need in special preparation for the blood test. Although, before making a routine blood test, it is recommended to fast for 12 hours, while only drinking water is allowed.