Allergy testing / Allergens

A blood test sensitivity and bee venom species of wasps.


  • Honey bee venom - honey bee venom

  • WH.Faced hornet - Wasp

  • Yellow jacket - German Wasp

  • Paper Wasp - Leprosy Shire (yellow with black stripes)

  • Yellow Hornet - yellow wasp

  • European Hornet - European wasp.


Phadiatop test - a general initial testing natural allergens. This is the common allergens. Serological blood test for the presence of antibodies in general. Case and is positive to look for the specific allergen.Secondary examination - complete series. Specific test.


Testing RAST - Radioallergosorbent test - - food series. Common blood test allergens in food. A person who has developed a specific food allergy in the blood allergens material / food. The test looks at which materials are antibodies.


LATEX - LATEX Lltks- allergy testing.

There is a need to redirect examination required of a doctor / physician.In case you have no appeal can put you in touch with a doctor for a referral is required (for a fee).


* Test results may be up to a month, depending on the amount and type of tests.

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